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Auto Data Processing

Automate manual data processing to save time and improve accuracy

William Russell Limited, a company specialising in ExPat and Income Protection insurance, had recently implemented a new computer system to manage their policy sales and claims handling functions.  As part of the new system, a standard report had been created to detail policy premium transactions.  

Summarising the data and sending out reports to individual brokers was a critical part of the premium payment process.  This had become extremely time consuming and prone to errors and demanded the attention of multiple staff each month to produce and check the reports.

The solution completely automates the whole process.  Once the raw data report has been extracted from their main software system, a few clicks is all that is needed and the whole process takes only a few seconds to run.


The screenshot shows some of the features of the system built in Excel to automate the process.

Here are some of the other features and benefits of the automated solution:

  • A “Settings” area allows the default location of the input files to be modified by the user in case these change at any time.  This provides a flexible and low maintenance solution so the system can be updated effectively without the need for an expensive operator, saving time and controlling costs.
  • A “dashboard” with buttons to and guidance notes provide an easy to use interface so the task can be assigned to anyone without the need for any detailed knowledge of the underlying data.
  • All calculations are automated based on the business requirements set by the client.  No specialist knowledge of Excel formulas is needed so the client can be confident that the results are accurate and consistent every time the report is run.
  • Automation of extracts for each individual broker means that data does not need to be manually copied to new worksheets, saving many hours, so with a more effective use of time new clients can be taken on to grow the business and increase profitability.
  • All data is cross checked to ensure that totals are always correct, so the client has peace of mind knowing that all reports sent to brokers are accurate and on time so improving their customer experience


What the client said...

The tool that was delivered was extremely effective in automating what was proving to be a complex and time consuming manual process. Time was taken to ensure that our requirements were understood and a robust solution to the problem was delivered. What was initially designed as an interim fix has become a valuable resource that we have been using for over 6 months now, and intend to continue to use into the future as it continues to add tangible value.

                Alan Catchpool, Head of Finance, William Russell Limited

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