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Book Keeping solution

Using Excel to create a straight forward book keeping solution

My client had looked at several accounting packages, but just wanted something straightforward which gave him a place to record income and business expenses.  Excel was the perfect solution, giving the flexibility he needed whilst providing all the data required by his accountant.


Features and benefits

As well as charts showing customer turnover and sales figures at a glance, the solution includes:

  • A simple data entry interface with automatic calculations ensuring all entries are accurately recorded so the client is providing a better service for their customers, creating greater customer loyalty and increased repeat sales
  • An invoice summary for each customer, including outstanding and overdue invoices which means payment is received quicker and cash flow enhanced
  • Expenses and mileage trackers so costs can be monitored automatically so there is less wastage and improved profitability
  • A separate cash flow report linked to bank reconciliation ensures cash is managed and controlled which has led to lower bank charges
  • A facility to categorise and summarise monthly income and expenditure so there is improved cost control, greater profitability and accurate financial information so decisions can be taken quicker and are better informed, boosting efficiency and profit  

What the client said...

The solution provided by GSTM Solutions has given me a really simple to use tool which gives me all the information I need.  It also keeps my accountant happy as the data is well structured and allows him to prepare my business accounts quickly and accurately.  I can easily see my income and keep track of expenses and customer invoices and payments.  A great solution..

                                                                                                                                                                              Mike Tinney, MSDR Consultants

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