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Creating Imaginative Solutions with Excel

These are just a few examples of how you can use Excel in imaginative ways to help you manage your business processes. If you would like to challenge us to develop solutions which meet your business needs, please call on 0345 257 0035 or click on the "Contact us" button.

Events Management

Monitoring ticket sales, room usage and costs was proving a challenge for our client.  Automating many of the processes and reporting saved time and ensured that all the information she needed for a successful event was instantly available.

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Auto Data Processing

With data coming from multiple sources, our client needed to be able to merge this into a single report.  Creating a solution which allows them to select the files they want to import and automating all the merging and summarising of the data provides a quick and accurate reporting tool.

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Contract Documents

Creating contracts as Word or pdf documents meant copying or rekeying data.  The solution provides our client with the ability to issue documents in either format at the click of a button as well as allowing them to effectively monitor contract renewals and payments.

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Supporting a New Software Project

See how we helped a client through the complexities of making a change to their systems, providing practical support to ensure a smooth implementation

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Project Tracking

With many projects to manage, our construction client needed a system to monitor applications, invoices and payments as well as keeping track of all the costs.  Our solution keeps all this information in one place, with automatic reminders to help them manage cash flow

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Book Keeping

Take a look at an easy to use solution to record income and expenditure in a format your accountant will love

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