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Events Management

Automation and visibility of data helped create a successful event

Organising an event can be a complex and time-consuming process.  For this client, this involves arranging classes, tutors, rooms and ticketing and keeping track of these is critical to ensure the event runs smoothly.  Although spreadsheets were in place, as events became more complex the manual entry of ticket sales and constant re-sorting to get the information the way it was needed had become an arduous and time-consuming process.  We worked together to understand what was needed and then, after the initial development, fine-tuned the solution to meet her exact needs.



Once we'd got a clear picture of the difficulties the client was facing, we were able to develop a complete solution, including:

  • Quick and simple data entry to record the basic details
  • Automated updates of the on-line ticket sales with no need for manual entry, saving time and ensuring all figures are accurate every time
  • Reports to monitor key information, ensuring the client has a clear picture of income and costs at all times.
  • To ensure facilities which are booked (and cost money!) are fully utilised, the client can make sure she is getting the best value from these and react quickly to make changes.
  • Overall income and cost performance can be tracked and compared with previous years, helping planning for upcoming events.  

The solution has become and integral part of the event planning and management process, ensuring the continued success of the events the client manages.

What the client said...

What was a long-winded, manual process, including adding up ticket sales, working out income, costs and profits as well as numbers sold etc has become so much easier with the ‘very grown up’ spreadsheet that Shirley has created for me. I now just have to add the daily sales per class, which takes mere minutes and the whole lot is automatically updated. I can report back to the team how well we are doing so very easily! I am a meticulous record keeper, but this has made the job so much better. I no longer have to resort to calculator and bits of paper! I thoroughly recommend GSTM Solutions who very quickly understood the brief and created a dream spreadsheet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Wendy Gardiner, ISew

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