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Project Tracker for Construction

Keep track of project timings and cashflow

Managing multiple projects and keeping track of invoicing and costs can be complex and time-consuming.  If this isn't managed carefully, it can have an impact on profitability and cash flow.  

The Project Tracker tool includes an "Alerts" page to highlight anything which needs immediate attention such as overdue payments or upcoming project starts 



Data entry is straightforward and user-friendly, with many items being automatically calculated. Data includes:

  • Project details such as start date, duration, payment terms, etc can all be configured for changing needs
  • Application and Invoicing details with automatic calculation of due dates and reminders
  • Facilities to "pause" projects.
  • Retention management to ensure that all retentions are claimed.
  • Budget entry so that costs can be planned and tracked throughout the project.  

A Dashboard displays the data for an individual project, giving a snapshot of the current status and performance.  


What the client said...

The Project Tracker has completely transformed the way we manage multiple projects and keep track of income and costs.  This has helped us to improve our budgeting and our cash flow by allowing us to see, at a glance, exactly where we are on each project.  Shirley has worked closely with us over the last few months to really get to know and understand our business so that the solution we have is easy to use and completely fits our needs.  The time saving and improved control means we can now focus on continuing to grow our business.                                                                                                                                      Thomas Wren, Wren Building Contractors

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