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Excel Tools and Products

We have developed a range of products to support growing businesses.  Many of these can be implemented straight away, but we are also happy to adapt these to your specific needs.

We are constantly adding to and improving these, but here are some examples of what we are currently offering:

  • Sales Toolkit
    Do you know how many prospects you need to get one order?  The Sales Toolkit will help you manage your sales cycle and prospects and provide you order forecasts for the coming months.   
  • Questionnaire Tool
    Do you carry out staff surveys?  Do you want to be able to send each person their own survey to complete and then import and analyse the results?  The questionnaire tool provides a flexible solution to meet your needs. 
  • Simple Bookkeeping
    Do you need a place to record your income and expenditure?  Want a simple Profit and Loss report to keep track of how your business is performing? This low cost, straightforward solution could be just what you're looking for.
  • Customer Tracker
    Keeping track of your customers and the projects you are running for them can be time-consuming. This easy to use tool will help you manage all the activities and contact points. With reminders of when you need to follow up, you can be sure you will never miss a deadline, helping you to ensure great customer service.

Take a look at the full Product List to see what tools are available now and a sneak preview of the new ones I'm working on.





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