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What if Excel is not the right solution?

As your business grows, the time will come when you need to choose software systems to support your changing needs.  Although I can do amazing things with Excel, I will always be honest with you and tell you if we are stretching it beyond its capabilities.  But finding the right system at the right price can be challenging. Using my knowledge and experience, I can help you to make the right decision.

By spending time working with you and your teams to really understand your needs, we'll follow a robust selection process:

  • The first step is to look at your business processes; understanding how these all fit together will enable us to create an outline of what the new system's most important features will be.  Investment of time in this area ensures that we can focus our search on the essentials. 
  • Once we've identified the key components, we'll source and compare potential solutions and see how they fit with your business both now and in the future, including understanding the best technologies to fit with your current IT setup.
  • I'll do all the initial liaison with potential providers leaving you to focus on running your business.  
  • Once we've narrowed down the field, we'll complete a full cost/benefit analysis so you have a realistic picture of when you can expect a return on your investment
  • With all the information at hand, when you decide to go ahead with the system, I'll work with the provider and your teams to ensure a smooth implementation.

To discover more about how I can help you with your change projects and provide an independent view on which systems will bring the most benefits to your organisation, contact me now to arrange an initial free consultation.


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Here's what my clients say

Shirley has provided us with a key resource in the implementation of our new software package.  Working closely with our staff, she has applied her wealth of experience to developing a strong understanding of our business needs and processes, and has helped us to get the most out of the system through design and implementation of practical solutions.  We would not hesitate to recommend Shirley to other clients who need a professional, experienced and self-motivated resource for projects.

William Russell Limited

Shirley has worked closely with us over the last few months to really get to know and understand our business so that the solution we have is easy to use and completely fits our needs.  The time saving and improved control means we can now focus on continuing to grow our business.

Thomas Wren, Wren Building Contractors Ltd