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Navigating new software projects

Supporting the implementation project ensured a smooth transition

William Russell are an insurance company specialising in global protection policies for people who live and work internationally.  They selected Nordic Insurance software to replace their previous systems; this was a large and complex project covering both policy sales and adminstration and claims handling.

Benefits Added

With previous experience in this specialist area, both from an insurance and software perspective, Shirley Moreman was able to offer practical help and support for the implementation.

Calling on knowledge and experience, extensive support was provided.

  • Previous experience in the Insurance sector meant that Shirley already had an excellent understanding of the potential issues, and, more importantly, had the knowledge to solve many of these.  This meant that issues were addressed quickly and effectively enabling the project to move forward.
  • Shirley's business analysis skills allowed her to work closely with both the client and the software provider to translate business processes into efficient and practical ways of using the system to its best advantage.  This saved time and ensured there were no misunderstandings between the end user and the software developers, leading to better solutions.
  • With previous experience of implementing the software, Shirley was able to come up with ways in which it could be used to address business issues and create efficiencies in areas such as workflow and reporting.
  • Throughout the project full documentation was provided of all aspects of the processes, workflows and technical configuration of the system.  Combined with training, this has meant that the staff who will need to work with the system going forward have all the tools they need, reducing their reliance on external resources and giving them the flexibility they need in the business.

Post Project Support

Since completing the project, we have continued to support William Russell with site visits and telephone support to ensure they always have someone to call on who understands the system as well as the business.  We've helped with training, system upgrades and user acceptance testing and look forward to continuing our work with them as they grow and develop.

We can help with your projects

If you're implementing some new software and would like some practical guidance, we can help.

  • Implementing a new system is an ideal time to review processes which may have been restricted by the capabilities of the previous software.  We can help you to get a fresh perspective and potentially streamline processes to improve efficiencies.
  • We're happy to act as the liaison between your business people and the software providers.  This can be invaluable in ensuring that there are no costly misunderstandings.
  • If you haven't yet made a decision on which software to purchase, we can help you to identify the most important features and help you to source the system which works best for your business, whether that's a bespoke solution or a package.


What the client said...

Shirley Moreman of GSTM Solutions has provided us with a key resource in the implementation of our new software package.  Working closely with our staff, Shirley has applied her wealth of experience to developing a strong understanding of our business needs and processes, and has helped us to get the most out of the system through design and implementation of practical solutions.  We would not hesitate to recommend Shirley to other clients who need a professional, experienced and self-motivated resource for projects..

                                                                                                                                                                                                         William Russell Project Team

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